A Not So Simple Favor

Gabriella Mastroianni, Co-Chief Editor

The movie started subtle; an energetic mother named Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) meets a not so motherly mom named Emily (Blake Lively). The two become “friends” and eventually Stephanie starts baby sitting Nick, Emily’s son. Within the first 20 minutes or so Emily disappears. The rest of the movie follows the events after her absence. The reason behind her disappearance is revealed, but it is not until that moment do we realize that the reason was foreshadowed in the very beginning.

At first we see the characters appear to be one dimensional; Stephanie – a devoted innocent mom, Emily – a far too care free and sometimes reckless mother, and Shawn – the devoted, hardworking and loving husband to Emily.

However, as we get deeper into the movie the characters start to show other sides of themselves, breaking that one-sidedness that was presented in the beginning. Stephanie’s character sheds the flat, innocent mom narrative as she becomes more involved with Emily’s disappearance. We see a deeper and mentally unstable side of Emily as the mystery of her absence unravels. Shawn’s faithful husband facade sheds weeks after Emily’s disappearance.

A Simple Favor consisted of twists and turns and many possible theories that could have resulted in many other endings. This movie was fairly unpredictable, thrilling, and even dubbed in a few comedic lines to lighten up the mood in a fine-drawn and tasteful way without disturbing the overall somber mood of the movie. A Simple Favor is rated R and I recommend watching it with a parent’s permission, however not with your parent.