proCRASHtination COURSE

August 31, 2018

Procrastination- The art of attempting of pushing everything to the side and putting your work life on hold just so that you can goof off with your friends.

      Admit it you’ve at least procrastinated once in your whole entire lifetime. And if not once then maybe twice. Maybe if not twice then all the time like almost every student does, and from time to time it can get very stressful, and by some God-given grace you somehow manage to pull off whatever you may be working on.

Mrs. Holmes

“Senior English class, AP English. We had been working on a research project for weeks, and I was just so lost, and I did not ask for any help so I just put it off for the last minute ,and then all of this sudden it is the night before ,and it was like something crazy like a ten page paper. Then that night when my parents went to sleep I brewed myself a pot of coffee, and then drank the entire pot of coffee. Then stayed up all night and typed the most atrocious paper I’ve ever written in my life and I had no idea what I was saying, but I was saying words. But I do remember at 3 am there was a meteor

shower, and I just went outside and watched. But it was awful and it taught me a good lesson to never do it again. But now I do write good papers.”

Jesse Garibay ‘21

“There was this one time in third grade, it was in Mrs. Cortez’ class and she gave us a project, and I had started the project and it was super late. I also completely forgot what to do, so I asked my friend Ben and he forgot what to do too. So then I did it not knowing what to do. Then the next day I turned it in and I completely bombed it. I got home and hid from my mom under the TV for like a really long time.  

                “Do you have any advice for people who still procrastinate”

“Well if your good at it do it.” Jesse Garibay ‘21

Hayley Hartzendorf ‘19

“There was a time in 8th grade I was assigned a project by Mr.Westrup where we were suppose to draw a subject from this hat that we had learn from throughout the year and we were suppose to teach it to other students who didn’t take the honors class, and this was like the big end of the year project. Everybody had to participate in this for their final major grade. The day we were assigned these projects I was not there, so when I showed up the next day everybody already their partners, and I remember there were three people to a group. So I was the only person without a partner, and Mr.Westrup tried to get me a partner but no one wanted to be my partner so yeah that was kind of heartbreaking, but I didn’t let that stop me from completing the project  because a grade is grade. So I drew from the hat, and got chemical equations and it was due in two weeks, but waited to do it until the last night. So I got a trifold poster board and just threw a bunch of random things together that kinda made sense. I stayed up all night just trying to finish this project and stayed up all the next day just finishing it. Not only had I had a coupon for 10 extra points from Mr.Westrup, but he also gave me 10 extra points for doing the project alone. And so I turned in the project and I get the grade back and I got a hundred with the extra added 20 points. And remind you I did this all within one night and I got a 120.

Here are some helpful procrastination tips:

5 tips for procrastination

  1. When you need help remember to ask your staff members.
  2. If you procrastinate remember to always do it at the last second and push everything in your life aside.
  3. Copy and paste will forever be your friend.
  4. Never use the references your teacher gave you because remember you lost them.
  5. Finish your abomination of your somewhat called project without knowing what the heck you did. 

           You’re all set!

Procrastination isn’t the only way to do work. There’s actually a thing called “doing your work on a schedule and turning it in on time, and have an actual idea of what your talking about”. Your probably thinking to yourself “there’s actual people like this?” And the answer is……yes. There’s a man that goes by the name of John Henry (A.K.A Dream Henry). 

John Henry ‘19

“Why don’t you procrastinate?”

Why procrastinate when it makes you stressed?”

“When you do procrastinate why do you?”

“Um when I wait to start something, like when I start something I get done super quick, but sometimes I have trouble starting work”

“Do you have any procrastination stories?”

“One time I hardcore procrastinated a chemistry project for two straight nights in row just to finish it so yeah”.

“Do you have any advice for people who still procrastinate”
“Once you start something it’s super easy to get it done, but it can be hard to stop.”



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