Keeping The Atrium Cozy

August 30, 2018

Students sit at a packed table while some students sit on the ground.

New Tables Needed

For warmth-seeking students, the outdoors is a place of relaxation, self-collecting, and revitalization.  The school’s atrium allows this to happen during lunch shifts: students get to be themselves, escape the pale gold monotonous walls of the windowless high school, and eat lunch in the invigorating environment.


Despite the beautiful flora and warm sun, the students seem to be finding themselves on crowded, old worn picnic tables, or just simply sitting on the hard ground. “We need more and better tables.” said Lydia Chevere,19′. “The ones we have are too flimsy.”


Since the beginning of this year, an increased amount of students now call the atrium their safe haven for eating and socializing. It’s been observed that the possibility of arranging requests for more seats may soon be in order for the school’s courtyard.


To help alleviate the problem of lacking tables, Mrs.Maher has started a collection for brand new tables. The atrium is in need of 3 to 4 more tables for students with each table costing $240. Clubs and groups are available to sponsor tables for the money collection day on September 1. Money is to be supplied to Mrs.Maher with students approval.


“We will get them ordered for all to enjoy.” Mrs.Maher said.



Other Ideas Suggested by Editor

New tables would potentially bring about a series of projects that could liven the high school campus. One such idea could be to place brand new tables near the tennis courts and natatorium for visitors to utilize during swimming meets or tennis tournaments!

Other ideas include raising money to go toward buying more plants for the life skills classes to take care of, art supplies for art students to paint the flower pots and cube benches, or even money to freshen the mulch in the gardens.

With all of this in mind, be sure to remember that small pledges from multiple people can go a long way; any amount helps! Not only would this benefit the aesthetic of the school overall, it would strengthen the community that each organization and club share together.


Skills with helping the community at a high school level develop attributes that can one day benefit the global community as a whole.



Who: T-M Clubs and Organizations

What: Sponsor funds for new picnic tables

Cost of Each Table: $240

When: Before September 1

Why: Students are running out of places to sit in the high school’s atrium

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