Excited for Friday night lights

Even though the atmosphere is different the games are still as fun



Friday, Aug. 28. Football at Miller. Miller 62–TM 20.

Valeria De La Cruz, Online Editor

Everything has changed, but we don’t really know how much it has changed until we see for ourselves. This is why I decided to attend the Warriors first football game of the season August 28 against Miller.

I’ve attended every home game in my two previous years at TM. Before COVID-19, you wouldn’t find me in the center of the student section. I’m not a loud, vocal fan. I’m more comfortable sitting and watching the game with a few friends. My rowdy classmates in the student section jumping and yelling provide as much entertainment as the players on the field or the band.

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I had a few concerns before the game, like people not wearing their masks correctly, sitting too close to one another, or leaving their masks off after drinking water or eating pickles. However, I wanted to get an idea on what the games would look like with COVID-19 safety measures. 

The staff at Buc Stadium took precautions to limit contact with fans. I dropped my ticket into the collection box instead of handing it to a ticket collector and made my way to my seat. 

I immediately noticed a lot of blue tape on the bleachers. Once I went to sit down, a police officer there told me to sit anywhere there wasn’t blue tape. Without a doubt, this made me feel safer, because everyone had a good amount of space between them and others. 

I was also comforted to see everyone wearing their masks and trying their best at social distancing. Everywhere I turned I saw adults and kids wearing their masks correctly, and fans attempting to maintain a good amount of space from others when exiting the bleachers. 

The ambiance of the stadium wasn’t the same. The stadium was quieter and you could feel everyone was less energetic than last season’s games. There was no student section., The band and cheerleaders and drill team were not allowed to perform. The result was a much quieter experience than usual. 

It seemed not many people my age were paying attention to the game. Choosing to spend more time looking at their phones than the action on the field. 

I still enjoyed myself at the game despite the changes.  

The game was very entertaining to watch, and I will definitely be going to the next game, which will be against Robstown. The first home game of the season against Rockport was canceled due to one of their players testing positive.

I can’t wait to see what home games are going to be like. I’m sure I’ll love them with our band, cheerleaders, Golden Brigade, and more fans in attendance. This season will definitely be different than the last, but I hope we can overcome what’s happening in the world right now and have fun this season.