The varsity football players remove their masks for the team photo Saturday, Au. 22. (Meinheit)
The varsity football players remove their masks for the team photo Saturday, Au. 22.


Warriors start practice with new safety precautions

Players adjust to face masks during practice

August 12, 2020

Football practices officially started August 3 with precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Senior fullback Angel Rodriguez discussed his opinion on the use of face masks during practice and games, and how he feels about the upcoming season.
How do you feel about football practice during this pandemic? ​To be honest I’m still scared about getting COVID and even though we have masks and other mouth and nose protectors I feel like it can spread either way through sweat or spit (​according to ​Johns Hopkins Medicine​, COVID-19 is not transmitted by sweat, but can spread through items touched by many people​).
Do you feel safer wearing masks during practice?
I honestly don’t feel a difference on whether I’m safer or not. I just grind and get better, but these masks are really hard to breathe in during practice and I’m sure the masks are gonna (make it harder for) us during games.
How do you feel about potentially having to play with masks?
Playing with masks shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion but one thing it will mess with is our breathing because when someone makes a big play or anything they’re huffing and puffing ,but other than that I don’t think masks will have an effect on players playing to their full potential.
Are you excited for football season?
I’m really excited for my last season of football. I’m really happy I got a final season of football and I’m going to make sure I go out with a bang not just take L’s like previous years. I want to make a difference and I know everyone else does too.

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