Dressing for Zoom

Students reconsider first-day outfits in remote classrooms

Lilly Quesnel

Students started attending classes from the comfort of their own home with school being held over Zoom. COVID-19 has interrupted traditional classes as well as several other school traditions, including picking out the ever important first-day outfit. Juniors Daniela Cano-Lopez and Jackie Zapata shared their different ideas about how to dress for Zoom classes.


How would you describe your first day outfit?

My first day outfit for the day of classes 1-4 was a dry fit Adidas jacket and jean shorts since you can’t see the bottom. Daniela Cano-Lopez ’22

I would describe my outfit as stylish yet simple. Jackie Zapata ’22


Would you have worn something different if school was in person?

Yes, I would have worn something different if the first of school would have been in person. My aesthetic this year was going to be like vintage rock and boho. I would’ve planned an outfit with my Doc Martens and done my makeup and hair. Cano-Lopez

probably would’ve worn the same thing that I did on the first day! Every year I always try to look my best on the first day and I tried to still keep that tradition alive even if it was through zoom. Zapata


Do you think with school being through Zoom you’ll start to dress more casually?

With school being online with zoom calls I definitely have been dressing more casual and will continue to do that. I can sleep more and wake up like 5 minutes before the class in what I slept in so it’s an advantage. I’d rather get more sleep than to wake up early to actually get dressed when I’m home. Cano-Lopez

I’m going to make it a goal of mine to not wear casual clothes because wearing nice clothes help me feel more focused, confident, and happy about myself. Zapata


When school starts in person do you think you’ll continue to dress casually?

When school starts I think I’m going to rock the outfit that I would have for the actual first day of school in person, but after that I’ll go casual again and then every now and again dress nicer. Cano-Lopez

Perhaps as the year continues, I’ll probably end up wearing more casual clothes, but I still wanna try to look nice for school! Zapata