‘It’s unfair’

Coronavirus ends school year; seniors miss rites of passage

Monica, Co-editor

Heaven Ramirez

Senior Heaven Ramirez responds to the Caronavirus outbreak and how it has affected her last year of high school.

How do you feel about school being cancelled because of COVID-19?

It upsets me that Corona hit at such a good time in my senior year and the time where most of the stuff happens and because of school being cancelled the online classes are getting harder cause they send out more work than we usually do.

What is the best and worst part about this situation?

The best part of this situation is I get to start my future a little earlier now and focus on making money and the worst is I lost out on most of my experiences that every person goes through during high school and my last few moments of being a kid.

Did you expect school to be cancelled when you learned about Corona?

I expected school to be cancelled for a little bit but not for it to be completely cancelled because I thought it would blow over pretty fast. Honestly, I didn’t think it would hit Corpus Christi.

With the virus spreading fast, are you worried about you or anyone you know getting sick?

I’m worried about my 1-year-old sister getting sick because I don’t want her to have to go through that pain and not really have anything to help her and my grandma who is in her 70s and she likes to be independent and get her own stuff and now she can’t because of Corona and sometimes she doesn’t listen and she stills goes out and we are afraid she might catch it.

How are you handling all your online schoolwork?

I’m staying up late or working on my homework all day just to get it finished in time for the due dates and even when I do turn it in on time, teachers still are messing up grades or not even inputting them in and they send so many assignments together it’s hard to process it all.

Do you feel the government has handled this situation appropriately?

I feel like lockdown was the best option for us to keep us contained and it has worked in Corpus because we don’t have a high increasing rate of the COVID-19.

Are you satisfied with the way your senior year went and ended?

I’m not satisfied with my senior year. I wanted to do senior pranks still and get to go to my first prom ever and I never experienced it and I care about graduation so much because I went through 12 years of school just to not get congratulated at the end. It’s unfair in my eyes.