Bartosh: ‘We miss all of you’

Principal discusses impact of Coronavirus


Photo by Matt Meinheit

Principal Ann Bartosh

Adrian Molina, Co-editor

The last several weeks have been historic. The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the ways we work, learn and live our lives. The school has been closed since March 13, but classes continue online. With students working from home it has been a challenge for some to communicate with teachers. Needless to say many students and parents are feeling confused. We spoke with Principal Ann Bartosh to answer some of those questions. 

How well is the communication between students and teachers going?

I know that our teachers are reaching out weekly, some daily to our students. This is all new to our students and teachers so they are working through it. Unfortunately we do have students who lack the technology to engage at times but we have reached out with paper packets. We are all still answering phone calls and answering emails so we are all available.

How can seniors still buy cords and tassels for graduation?

(Campus bookkeeper) Mrs. Maher is contacting the sponsors for the counts for cords. Anyone who is worried about cords can contact her at [email protected] .  As far as graduation robes and tassels, you would have to individually contact Balfour. They are not delivering to the school anymore.

Is there a set date for graduation yet, if not when do you think there will be graduation?

We are in wait and see mode for graduation. We still have our May, date but have reserved July 9 if necessary. If that would still not be safe, we would move later. We still plan to have graduation.

Do you think this virus will affect us going into the 2020-2021 school year?

I do believe this virus will effect us until a vaccine is found. I know that we will need to have the technology and a clear plan if we need to go remotely again in the future.

What new precautions will be taken when we go back to school?

Precautions would probably include wearing masks, social distancing, deep and thorough cleaning. It is hard to imagine the precautions that we will need to keep everyone safe.

Do you have anything you would like to say to all the students?

We miss all of you so much. Teaching is not a job it is a calling and you students are our focus. We worry about you. We know this is stressful and difficult financially as well as emotionally for many of our students.  Please reach out to any teacher, counselor, administrator if you need help or just need to talk. Do not be afraid or think you are alone. I promise you we all are feeling worried and unsure. The one thing I know is we have the best teachers and students. We stand as one! Love to all.