Dodgeball Tournament

Monica Garza, Editor

A dodgeball tournament took place on the last day of the first 6 weeks on Friday, Feb. 27 in the gym. Senior Brendan Baham discusses the tournament. 


Why did you decide to sign up?

I signed up to have fun but mostly to win.

What made you decide who was on your team?

The people on my team were my bro’s but the ones that were good.

Did you and your team play as well as y’all wanted to?

No my team lost to some wack team on bad calls but is what it is. 

Did the game go the way you expected?

The game didn’t go the way I expected it I hit the last dude on the other team I know twice in his hand but we lost due to the fact there wasn’t a call. 

Who were the members on your team?

Rocky (Ramirez), Jordan (Alejandro), Trevor (Anderson), Jacob (Canon) and Royel (Ruiz).

What was y’all’s team name?

Dirty Dodgers. 

Who won?

Not us. I wish the game was at a faster temp. and that we could cross the half court line it would’ve made the games go by faster and the crowd would get to be able to see the full tournament.