Blood Drive


Monica Garza, Editor

The National Honor Society hosted a blood drive provided by the Coastal Bend Blood Center on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Senior Isabella Vasquez discussed her experience donating blood.

Have you ever donated blood before?

“Yes. I was scared at first but then I realized it was fine.”

What made you decide to donate blood?

“I want the cord and to save lives.”

Did it go the way you expected?

“Yeah it did. I didn’t die so that was good.”

How did you feel after you donated?

“I felt okay until I got up and then I thought I was going to drop to the floor. It went away once I got outside of the bus.” 

Would you donate again?

“Yes because it’s for a good cause.”

Students must be 17 or older and must weigh at least 110 pounds in order to donate blood. If students donate blood at least three times throughout the school year, they will receive a red cord for graduation. For students who are unable to donate for any reason, the red cord program allows the student to still receive a cord as long as they get five people to donate for them.