Choir Allstater discusses experience


Lilly Quesnel, War Cry Staff

Sophomore Josh Nepote attended State for choir this year. He participated in the Tenor-Bass choir. This was his experience.


How would you describe your experience at state?

State was an amazing experience. I worked so hard to get there, and it was all worth it when I first heard us sing as a choir. Everyone was really talented and supportive.

Did you place?

It doesn’t work like that, the place you get at area determines what choir you are in. I made fourth, so I was in the Tenor-Bass choir, and first alternate for the mixed choir.

Did you win any awards?

Well everyone in the choir receives a small state patch, but it is our tradition that Dr. Rivera buys us the “tortilla patch” which is a state patch that’s as bi as a tortilla. I also received a plaque.

What was your favorite part about state?

That’s a tough one, there’s so many things I absolutely loved. If I had to choose, It would probably be the concert and rehearsals. It was what we all work towards and the end product was just gorgeous. We had the widest range of pieces we were doing. One moment it was Gregorian chant, then it was baptist, and then traditional south African spiritual. It was just so fun.

What are your hopes for next year?

I just hope to make it to state again, It’s such a great experience. I would be grateful to make it again in any choir, but I would hope to make the top three chairs so I can participate in the mixed choir.