Warriors plans change

Warriors talks about their loss from the Eagles and what they plan on changing for next year.



Tuloso-Midway lost a Class 5A Boys Basketball Bi-District playoff game 79-67 to Veterans Memorial on Monday, February 24, 2020 at Miller High School. Josh Alvarado '21.

Adrian Molina, Editor

This pass Monday the Tuloso Midway Warrior took on the Veteran Memorial Eagles in the first round of the 5A playoffs. The game was well played, but the eagles did end up victorious in the end with a score of 67-79. Although the lost was very hard on the team, they have made plans for next season to be even better. Here is what some of the Varsity players had to say about the game and the season.


What do you think as a team, you all learned from this lost?

We learned that we can’t take anything for granted, and that we need to work even harder than we did this season to prove that we aren’t done. And hopefully we can get back to where we finished and hopefully even farther. Aaron Pizana’21

We learned that every possession counts every missed shot counts we can’t take anything for granted and we gotta work harder. Joshua Alvarado’21

what we learned from the loss was we got to see and care of the ball more and look for better shots, and we’ve got to be a lot more locked in in defense. Joesph Smith’21

The loss was heartbreaking and very tough but honestly humbled us a little bit and it helped us see what we’re capable of doing. Jayden Whitehead’21

What do you plan on to work on for next years season? 

I think we just need to work on building more team chemistry, and getting more comfortable in our own shoes so that in big games we don’t panic. Along with playing smarter and with higher basketball IQ so that we can make better decisions on the court and not make as many mistakes. Aaron Pizana’21

We plan to work on more defense we have to make it as tough as possible for people to score on us we also gotta keep running we don’t got much height so we gotta be fast. Joshua Alvarado’21

I plan on working on pretty much every aspect of my game, from shooting to ball handling and passing, but I also plan on working to be a better leader and vocal point to the team and take on more responsibility. Joesph Smith’21

The plan to prepare for next season is just to put in straight work until next season, we’re coming back to the same team which is amazing also with the district change, I think we’re gonna have a great season again (“knock on wood”). Jayden Whitehead’21

What was the best part of this whole experience? 

The best part of the playoff experience is the preparation. You go to school, you see everybody, they’re believing in you that you can win. Then, you’re on the bus with all of your brother fixing to go to war. And in shoot around before the game so much is going through your head but you still have to try and remained focused. But the best part of all is when it’s finally time to play the team breaks out of the huddle, the bright lights turn on and it’s game time, it’s truly the best feeling in the world. Aaron Pizana’21

The best experience of the year has to be the game against West Oso at AT&T center there’s nothing better than playing on an NBA court getting that dub then watching the spurs play right after just an amazing experience for the whole team. Joshua Alvarado’21

The best of this whole experience was being able to play with the teammates we had on our team, I wouldn’t ask for any other teammates to go to and play with than those guys, and we’re all coming back next year so our chemistry is only gonna get better. Joesph Smith’21

The best part of this seasons experience was the bond that was made everyone is family and want to give a big thanks to Coach Garcia for coming and making a change, also for everyone that bought in.Jayden Whitehead’21