Warriors play head to head with the Eagles.

Tuloso Midway's Varsity basketball will play the first round of playoffs against the Veterans Memorial Eagles this Monday.


Adrian Molina'21

TM Varsity Basketball breaks out to start the game

Adrian Molina, Editor

This Monday the Tuloso Midway Warrior will be facing the Veteran Memorial Eagles in the first round of the playoffs at Roy Miller High School, the game will begun a 7:00 PM. The Warriors have a had tremendous season this year, they are coming off a game winning buzzer beater ,by Aaron Pizana’21, from this past weekend against theLaredo Martin Tigers who were undefeated but are now 33-1. The Warrior season record is now 24-7. The Warriors are hoping to make that record 25-7 this Monday and qualify to next round of the playoffs.
Here is what some of the Warrior basketball players had to say about their season this year, and how they feel they will play this Monday.


How Has the team progressed so far this season?

The team has progressed by becoming more of one unit and boosting through each other and believing that together we’ll get our job done. Joseph Smith’21

The team has really become a family. hours spent in and out of basketball with the team has helped us grow into a playoff force. Julian Flores’21

I think the team has gotten way better than last year from the way we play to the bond we have together. Josh Alvarado’21

If I compare the year before to the year i am having right now I can say I’ve progressed in so many ways as a basketball player but it wouldn’t have happen if we don’t have the coach we have now because of Coach Garcia because he has made the basketball program more discipline and the players more discipline and My team has progressed so well because we have gotten so close this whole year and I believe that is what makes us connect on court and allow us to put a show on for the fans.  Mox Paiz’21

We’ve improved so much overall as a team and as men, the team chemistry we’ve made along with Coach Garcia coaching has made us a lot better already.Aaron Pizana’21


What has been the best part about the season so far?

The best part of the season I’d have to say has been the process from the beginning to now and how much we’ve grown and shown the other teams that were not just all talk and hype, that we’re true competitors. Joesph Smith’21

The best part of the season so far was beating the undefeated Laredo Martin to secure second place in district with a buzzer beating three by Aaron and having the crowd rush to the court. Julian Flores’21

he best part of the season has to definitely be the Laredo Martin game 75-72 at there house on a buzzer beating 3 doesn’t get much better than that. Josh Alvarado’21

The best part of my season was that I had the experience to have a strong bond with my brothers on and off the court and my coach and being able to make the playoff and beat an undefeated team are the last district game was an amazing feeling and just to be apart of the team is just a blessing. Mox Paiz’21

The best part of this season has to be me hitting the game winning 3 pointer to beat Laredo Martin and snap their 33 district game winning streak.Aaron Pizana’21


How do you think the team will compete in playoffs?

I think we will do just fine in the playoffs we just gotta keep that same intensity and that’s same energy we had throughout the season and compete from the very beginning and we’ll do great. Joesph Smith’21

We have been working harder than ever for the playoffs. We have the power to make a run in the playoffs as long as we execute and play at our best level. Julian Flores’21

I think in the playoffs we will approach it like any other game, it sure has more weight on it than a district game, but we don’t fear anybody. Bring it on we’re relentless. Josh Alvarado’21

I personally think that the win we had against Laredo Martin was an eye opener to me and I’ve been thinking we could go further than what we were expected to go. Mox Paix’21

I feel that with us, we’re always gonna fight and compete to the end so put us against anybody and it’ll be a good game. Aaron Pizana’21