Senior directs a play at Thespian Convention


Monica Garza, Editor

A group of students went to the Texas State Thespian Convention in Grapevine, Texas on Nov. 20 and came back on Nov. 23. The convention consists of workshops, competitions, performances and college auditions. Senior Emiliano Flores directed a play to compete at the convention. The cast and crew of the play were decided by Flores. Emiliano Flores ‘20, Jacy Turner ‘20, Lorena San Pedro ‘21, Rocky Ramirez ‘20, Jessie Calderon ‘21 Matt Sinard ‘20 and Marisela Saenz ‘20 are all part of the show.

What steps did you take in order to take the play to thespian?

“To get the play to thespian, I had to submit a 10-minute preview of the show to the thespian committee.”

Do you feel the play turned out the way you imagined?

Looking at how successful the play turned out given the amount of time we had, I am extremely proud of every cast member along with the techies who were involved and put so much hard work in to make the play what it was. I couldn’t picture a better group of actors and crew to work with.”

Was directing a play what you expected?

“Over the past seven years being on stage as an actor, changing roles and being on the other end of a show as a director was an experience. I attained so much knowledge regarding directing and learned more than I could have ever hoped for.”

How did you feel performing the play at the convention?

“I was nervous at first to take the show to thespian because the performance was going to reflect on my work and skill as a thespian and director, however, as soon as I heard the first laugh from the audience, I felt a huge sense of relief and knew that everything worked out the way it was supposed to.”

Was directing a play a spur of the moment decision or something you’ve wanted to do?

I had been wanting to student direct a play since my sophomore year. With this in mind, in my junior year, I was very vocal about how much I wanted to direct a play to all my directors and upon the arrival of my senior year, I was told that I was going to finally be able to do so.”

Would you consider directing another play in the future?

After directing my first play, I hope to continue to grow in my ability as a director and look forward to doing it again soon.”

Is theater something you want to pursue in the future?

Acting is my life so I hope to continue to grow and master my craft in the future.”

After performing the show at the convention, what happens next?

Performing the show at the convention was a remarkable accomplishment, however, there is still more work to be done. A UIL Student-Directed Film Contest is right around the corner and I hope to submit a short-film to this organization.”