Senior places 53 at cross country state meet

Christian Castillo talks about his journey with cross country.


Adrian Molina, Editor

Senior Christian Castillo competed at Round Rock, Texas this past Saturday in the cross country state meet. Cristian placed 53 out of 152 runners with a time of 16:03.25. Castillo discusses his time he’s had with cross country. 

Why do you run cross country?

I run cross country cause it kinda my second family the pride we carry ourselves with is something that has been passed down from the past seniors when I was a freshman and is unlike any other you’d find in other sports that and I have nothing else better to do

What do you like about your dad being your coach?

My dad and I I have always been able to find an on and off switch from practice to class to home hence the reason myself and a few other teammates deemed him with the name “coach dad”

What goes through your head when running?

When running I kinda go into my own crazy world, I don’t shut myself out or act like I’m in my own bubble but prefer to be more in tune with my surrounds, it makes for a happier mental state which is the biggest part to going out and competing in a race

What is your routine/good luck charm before a run?

It’s not as much a good luck charm or even a routine but more just a way to keep myself laughing and have a smile on my face I always wear fun socks so that no matter what I can always look down and say “ha taco socks” just to keep my mind off a big race and remind myself that there is more running than winning

What was like it running with the state’s best?

It was really cool to run against the fastest high school runners in the state since all the years I watched my older brother ace run at the meet I watch the young’uns in the race, this year I was lucky enough to find myself among the same guys that raced against my brother and the same guys I watched race him