Expression of identity

Students using ID requirement to put personalities on display


Adrian Molina, Editor

TM administrators began requiring students to wear their student IDs at all times during the school day this month. While some students have resisted the change others have made the most of it. Students have been accessorizing their lanyards and ID cards with stickers, pins and some are drawing on the blank side of their ID. The principals have encouraged these expressions, but reminded us there are some limits to what students can and can’t do with their lanyards. 

What gave you the idea to decorate your lanyard? 

I decorate my lanyard because if I’m going to wear this thing all year, then I might as well enjoy it. My favorite accessory is my giant green beetle. Cain Malachite ’21

If I’m going to wear it everyday for the rest of the year I might as well flex the drip. Sohum Bhakta ’21

As soon as I was told I had to wear a lanyard, I was a bit upset since the lanyard doesn’t really match anything, but my little cousin gave me her “Incredibles” lanyard and wanted me to wear it at school for her. So, of course, I couldn’t disappoint my little baby. So that’s the story behind my lanyard. Ashley Saadeh ’21


What do you think of these changes? 

I really don’t mind it. It doesn’t bother me at all, I kinda think it’s funny because I can put funny things on my lanyard. Malachite

The lanyards really do not faze me anymore. They really don’t bother me because sometimes I forget I’m even wearing it. Bhakta


Assistant Principal Benito Portillo also discussed the new policy.

What can and can not students put on their lanyards?

“It still has to be in dress code because it is on your body. So that means everything must be appropriate. So that means nothing associated with sex, drugs, violence or gang related. But students also have the freedom to decorate and design their lanyards freely. We love to see the students’ creativity.”  

Why were these rules put into place?
“Mostly because of safety issues. Due to the fact that the school been faced with multiple threats this year, and we have had to confiscate different types of weapons this whole entire year. But another big reason is because of drugs being brought to school and random strangers coming to the school. The ID badges help aid yours and our safety.” 

What do you think about these rules?

“I feel that these rules are the most important and were very much required. Students must bring lanyards to school everyday, and it’s not a punishment; it’s a form to keep you and all of us safe. And I mean it’s not all a bad thing, it’s like wearing a necklace. We just gotta make the best of it.”