New policy requires ID lanyards

Lilly Quesnel, War Cry Staff

A new policy is set to go into effect requiring all students and staff to wear lanyards with current school IDs. The lanyards must be worn while students and staff are on campus. The school provided lanyards, but students and staff are allowed to wear other lanyards as long as they are school appropriate.

Here are a few student reactions to the policy. 

What do you think about the new rule that all students must wear their lanyards with their student IDs on them?

Jackie Zapata ’22: I feel like the school is allowing for action to be taken towards safety, which I appreciate, like they’re concerned and like they actually care, but at the same time, I feel like they could use a different approach. Instead of lanyards maybe something a lot more convenient. Carrying a lanyard around isn’t exactly fun, so I feel like it would be ideal if we had some sort of button or something. I know that seems excessive but lanyards are pretty excessive. I get the school is trying to cater to our safety, but lanyards feel really excessive.

Ysabella Esquivel ’20: I can see where they are coming from, but then again I think it’s kind of extreme.

Nathaniel Lombardo ’22: They’re only doing it in response to the recent school shooting threats. It’s political security; it’s stupid, and it won’t solve for anything. I’ve already brought it to administrations attention. I have gotten a petition with well over one hundred signatures and the principals have said that they won’t accept it and their doing it either way, so this just shows further that this is just a political statement and that they don’t actually care about what the students feel is right for them.

Why do you think this?

Lombardo: It’s to show that they are taking action. The reason why I don’t think it would be effective is because when you look at past shooters such as say Columbine and (Marjory Stoneman Douglas) and Virginia Tech they were all students* at the school that they shot up so these IDs won’t do anything to prevent school shootings and even if they weren’t students who went there, if we look to like Sandy Hooks, they entered forcefully with weapons. I don’t think anyone’s going to stop someone without an ID if they’re armed and dangerous. 

* The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting suspect was expelled from the school a year prior the shooting.

What do you think would be a better alternative?

Lombardo: None. Either none, or if you want me to provide an alternative I’ve been hearing that school wants to provide metal detectors. I think a better solution would be doors that accepted an ID and we would just swipe the barcode to enter the building. I think that could be a better alternative.

Do you think the lanyards are going to affect our safety?

Zapata:Me personally, I honestly think that the lanyards will make maybe a slight change, but more or less just create more of a hassle like students are going to forget their lanyards or it’s gonna be a lot to get used to. Yea, I feel like there might be a slight change in safety, but I feel like there is still going to be dangerous either way and on top of that its just gonna create more of a hassle for students.

Esquivel: I think it’s a safety issue to make sure you are who you say you are.

Do you feel like the students will ever get used to the new lanyard rule?

Zapata: Not really, I feel like there’s going to be that one person who always forgets their lanyard. There’s never a 100% that everyones going to have it. Students are very forgetful. Especially when it comes to a brand new rule like their lanyards, they’re going to forget even more. There isn’t going to be the opportunity were everyone remembers.

Esquivel: I would definitely be forgetting it a lot. I don’t know how to remember to wear that.