Cafeteria Renovations

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Students returned from intersession to a renovated cafeteria. The changes included a new create-a-burger stand and adding strawberry milk to the menu. Reactions to the renovations have been mostly positive with students and faculty offering compliments. The cafeteria staff is still adjusting to the new renovations, which mostly caused confusion among students about where to go. Students and staff gave us their reactions to the changes. 


What do you think about the new cafeteria renovations?

“I think the renovations make the cafeteria look more up to date and in tune with how things look in today’s generation. Now when I walk into the cafeteria I actually feel excited to get lunch. Also, the renovations help with the lines and how crowded it gets during lunch, it makes the process of getting lunch run a lot smoother.” Aaron Pizana ‘21

The new renovations that were made to the cafeteria were pretty cool. I like the idea that we can create are own burgers now, and the strawberry milk that they have now is this best man. It’s way better than the bland chocolate milk.” Lance Turner ‘21

Cafeteria staff member Lisa Darrington responds to the new renovations.

How do you think the renovations are working out so far?

“They are working out just perfect! Everything is running smoothly and it’s becoming easier day by day to figure the system out.” 

How do you think this will work out in the future?

“Well as far as I see it, everything is going great. If we keep things up here in the kitchen I am one hundred percent sure that we will still be doing just fine in the near future.”

What’s your favorite part about working in the cafeteria?

“My favorite has to be making friendships and bonds with the students and teachers. I warms my heart knowing that the kids know who I am and I know who they are.”