Backpacks banned from bleachers

Monica Garza, Staff Reporter

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Now that it is officially football season, Tuloso-Midway administration plans to enforce new rules to maintain the safety of students.

Backpacks will no longer be allowed during home football games and all purses will be searched. Students must have a ride home by 10 p.m. otherwise they will not be allowed to attend any future home games. Assistant principals Benito Portillo and Stacy Lucas explained the need for the new rules.

What is the purpose of these new rules?

Portillo: “It’s for the safety of you guys, for the students.” 

Who’s idea was it to create new rules for football games?

Portillo: “Our safety committee. Now, we are required to have a safety committee involved whenever there are school functions.” 

Why aren’t backpacks allowed at the games anymore?

Portillo: “We just need to make sure students aren’t bringing anything they aren’t supposed to. That could mean anything. Sometimes the baby powder can give people with asthma little attacks so that is more of a safety issue.”

Lucas: “Kids are bringing things that they shouldn’t be that could cause a safety hazard, especially for people with medical issues.”

Why must students have a ride by 10 p.m.?

Lucas: “We can’t wait till 11 or 12 for everyone to get picked up. We need to make sure all the kids are safely home by a certain time. The field’s lights go out at 10:15 p.m. so that means the stadium is pitch black. So it’s to make sure no one is left in the dark.” 

Will these rules apply to other sports events?

Lucas: “It hasn’t been decided if it will apply to other events.”