FAQ: senior tribute pages

Who designs the tribute?

The yearbook students will design all tributes unless the client wishes to create their own design. Clients designing their own are responsible for conforming to the proper dimensions, file formats, resolution and deadlines.

Can I make suggestions?

Of course! We do not want to publish any tribute page that fails to satisfy our clients. Your input is essential in helping us meet this goal.

What shape will the tribute be?

The yearbook staff plans to create a landscape book again this year. This means that full-page and quarter-page tributes will be landscape (horizontal) rectangles and half-page tributes will be portrait (vertical) rectangles.

How many images should I submit?

It depends on the size of your tribute, the images you wish to use, and your sense of style. Here are our recommendations:
Full-page tribute: 5–7
Half-page tribute: 3–5
Quarter-page tribute: 1–3

How do I submit digital images?

Submit all digital images as JPG files. Usable files are at least 250 MB in size. Saving the images to a USB memory device is the easiest method, but files can be emailed to [email protected] or submitted on other media devices such as CDs or shared via cloud storage sites.

Can I use photos from my phone?

Yes, but image quality and sizes vary depending on the phone. Screenshots from phones are not useable.

Can I submit physical photographs?

Yes, the Warbonnet staff is able to scan printed photographs you wish to use in your tribute. We will return your photos as promptly as possible.

How do I submit personal messages for my tribute?

Email text for your tribute to [email protected]. Your text may be edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and content. Please read your tribute carefully when you receive proofs of your tribute to ensure nothing has been edited incorrectly.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, see Mrs. Maher in the front office.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Mr. Meinheit at [email protected] for any further questions.