Senior cast as Sandy in ‘Grease’

Monica Garza, Staff Reporter

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The theater department released the official cast list for the fall musical “Grease.” Senior Jacy Turner discussed her role as Sandy in the musical.

How did you first react to getting the part for Sandy?

“I was so grateful to have been given the part and I am so excited to be a part of another musical. “

What excites you the most about the musical?

“I’m most excited for the shows and all the time I get to spend with my favorite people.”

What do you think will be your favorite part about playing Sandy?

“I think my favorite part of being Sandy is going to be singing her songs. It’s going to take a lot of practice but I’m excited to see everything come together.”

What is your favorite song you will perform? 

“My favorite song from the soundtrack is “Hopelessely Devoted to You.”

Grease has some distinctive wardrobe, what do you think about the clothes?

“I am so excited for the clothes because I have always loved how the boys used to dress in the 50s. I’m also excited to wear skirts and dresses because I never wear them in my everyday life, so it will be nice to be something completely different from myself.”

Cast List

Danny- Rocky Ramierz

Sandy- Jacy Turner

Kenickie- Jessie Calderon

Rizzo- Lauren Cavada

Doody- Leo Molina

Frenchy- Mariela Ledesma

Roger- Caleb Martinez

Marty- Felecia Hinojosa

Sonny- Adam Flores

Jan- Jessica Rubal

Eugene- Emiliano Flores

Patty- Hazel Ruibal

Vince Fontaine- Caleb Garza

ChaCha- Celeste Valdez

Johnny Casino- Nehemiah Zamora

Teen Angel- Dr. Guadalupe Rivera Jr.