‘Now it’s extra cold’

Swimmer discusses impact of gas line repairs


TM is without gas for the next couple of weeks, which affects students in different ways. Senior swimmer Mallory Wilcox ’20 answered how the outage is affecting her.

How has the gas being shut off affected you as a swimmer?

“It sucks. The water is so cold, I mean it’s always cold but now it’s extra cold.” 

Are you affected by the lack of hot water in the showers?

“Yeah the showers are all cold too. All the gas in the school is off so the showers are ice cold. The gas heater hasn’t always worked at the swim showers for like a year so this isn’t a new thing for the showers. When they have water boils, Dr. Sue Nelson used to have to call coach and be like, ‘you can’t let them swim.’ ‘Cause we just swim, everyday, no matter what.”

What other changes is the lack of gas affecting you?

“It seems like a huge deal for swim, but everything carries on as normal. It’s like worse but it’s still the same level of miserable that it always is.”

The City of Corpus Christi and the Texas Railroad Commission are required to inspect all of the gas lines at the Tuloso-Midway ISD District’s campuses gas lines for any potential leaks. Interim superintendent Rodney Sumner wrote in a letter to parents that repairs were made on a small leak found underground near McKenzie Road where it was also noticed that the school’s main gas line needs a new poly-pipe. The high school’s gas has been temporarily turned off until full repairs are made in approximately two weeks. As a result, there won’t be any hot water in the swimming pool, dressing rooms and showers. The kitchen and science labs won’t be able to use gas stoves, leaving changes in the cafeteria menu. 

Director of Maintenance Patrick Hernandez encouraged students and parents to contact him at (361) 903-6425 with any questions or concerns regarding the repairs.