Queens and King


Seniors Jenasys Gomez '19, John Henry Stearns '19 and Abigail Comstock '19 are finalists in the 2019 Buc Days King and Queen competitions. (Adrian Molina '19)

Monica Garza, Staff Reporter

TM seniors Jenasys Gomez, Abigail Comstock and John Henry Stearn have all become finalists for the Buc Days Queen/King position this year.The Buccaneer Days festival, commonly known as Buc Days, is a 10 day festival held in downtown Corpus Christi that consists of parades, a carnival and a rodeo along with concerts, a movie and a petting zoo. Hundreds of seniors in the South Texas area compete to win the title of the Buc Days Pirate Queen and King of Buc Days.


The 3 students submitted their applications during winter of last year to enter the Buc Days King and Queen Leadership Program. Each contestant must be a senior in high school with at least a 3.0 GPA and they must have a strong record of extracurricular activities for school. Once they submit their application, official transcript and a $10 entry fee, they will, if chosen, be selected for an interview in which the contestant presents a 2 minute speech to the judges. They also must write an essay in 90 minutes about the topic given to them and attend instructional program events.


“For community service projects we went to the food bank, the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity…,” said Abigail Comstock ‘19. “It’s just the 20 kids, those who can make it to the events, and some of the commissioners will be there. You want to go to the most you can so you can be with the commissioners as much as possible but if you can’t make it they are very understanding. Starting off for 4 weeks every single Tuesday night we went for 3 hours to the Dale Carnegie Training Program. There’s homework and reading assignments in those trainings.”


All participants will be judged based on their speaking skills and essay with a 200 point system. 10 female (for queen) and 10 male (for king) finalists will be chosen. Finalists are required to attend a certain number of events offered by different community organizations.


“We had to give a 2 minute speech in front of all our parents and the commissioners,” said Jenasys Gomez ‘19 “We have at least one event every week. We do community service and visit banks and stuff every single week. If you win, it’ll be great but if you don’t you’re still an ambassador. We’re in all the parades. Once the rodeo comes down we will be at all those events. When we go to these events we are supposed to mingle and make connections. The only way to be a member and hopefully win is to make yourself known. Networking is a big part.”


Each of the 20 finalists will automatically win $2,000 scholarship money. Second runner-ups will be recieve $3,500 scholarship each and first runner-ups will receive $5,000 scholarship. Buc Days Queen and King both win $8,000 scholarship, along with queen and king title.


“Final interviews are April 30 but we find out if we won on May 4,” said senior Jenasys Gomez, The night of the parade we have a separate event and that’s when they crown the queen and king.”


How did you feel after being told you made it as a finalist for queen?

Honestly, I was shocked because out of 120 girls I thought there was no way I would make it. Going into the first session, I was so intimidated and so nervous but once I got there everyone was in the same boat so it was all good.” Abigail Comstock ‘19


I didn’t believe that it happened and I was one of the last persons to be interviewed. My interview wasn’t actually going to happen because my application was lost in the mail somehow. If I hadn’t had emailed them I wouldn’t have gotten the interview. If you think about the statistics of how many girls applied and how many actually get to be to be of them, I was honestly surprised. Our school has the most, we have 3 contestants out of the 20 students. “Jenasys Gomez ‘19


“I was really excited I didn’t know how many people there were. Usually there are a lot more girls who try out than boys and so it’s a little bit easier for guys to get in. I was definitely excited when I made it.” John Henry Stearns ‘19


How have you benefited from becoming a finalist?

“It’s been worth it because not only about the money, I mean the money’s great but we have met so many different people. It’s all about networking. We have connections now no matter where you go. It’s a lot of work but it’s honestly so worth it and it looks so good on your resume.” Abigail Comstock ‘19


“You get to meet these influential people within Corpus Christi and then you get to know them on a personal basis. They are trying to show us what Corpus has to offer so we can be appreciative of it and also let other people know by being ambassadors for Corpus Christi. We get our hands dirty.” Jenasys Gomez ‘19


“I’ve met a lot of people throughout this city that I didn’t know before. Not just the kids in the Buc Days program but also the adults that are part of the Buc Days commission, a lot of them are people that have done a lot in Corpus Christi or contribute a lot to the community so it’s been really interesting to get to know and learn about all these people that live here and make a big difference in our community that we don’t normally realize. I always grew up thinking I’m going to leave Corpus Christi as soon as I finish high school and all that stuff but through the Buc Days program I’ve realized the opportunities that we have here and so it’s really made me want to come back and support our community after college.” John Henry Stearns ‘19