That Sinking Feeling

Review of the Sinks in the School Restrooms


Washing our hands, a mundane task that is highly crucial to the survival of the human race – especially since the flu is going around. Hopefully us students here at TM wash our hands after using the restroom, but do you have a particular school restroom and a particular sink that you use more than the others?

Maybe you venture across the entire building just to use the brand new science wing restroom, or trek up or down an entire flight of stairs for that special sink that screeches a certain way when the sink knob is pressed down.

In this segment, I will be reviewing each set of sinks in each bathroom in the school. Please note that the only sinks I will be reviewing are sinks accessible to every student and/or staff member. This leaves out locker-room sinks, cafeteria sinks, staff restroom sinks, sinks in the office, and sinks in the outside buildings.

Each sink will be judged based on the amount of water pressure it disperses, the feel of the knob, and temperature of the water.

Sink 1: The Thin Disappointment

The sink that I dub the “Thin Disappointment” is just what the name entails. The knob of the sink is very thin and awkward to press down, and when it is pressed down the water it disperses is barely able to moisten your hands.

Water pressure from the Thin Disappointment is so low and finely dispersed that it just feels weird due to it taking much longer to wash your hands and having to repeat the process of turning the faucet on and on again because of its time limit.
[ I rate this sink 1/5 Water Droplets ]



Sink 2: The Basically Banal

The Basically Banal is the sink with the wider and flatter top. The water is disperses is at an okay pressure with still cold water. It is a bit more efficient that the Thin Disappointment, but still lacks that oomf when it comes to washing your hands off.

It’s not a totally bad experience when washing, but it could be a lot better if the stream of water was a bit more powerful.

[I rate this sink 2/5 Water Droplets]




Sink 3: The Power Washer

This breed of sink is located primarily in the “new restrooms” of the science wing. The sinks in these restrooms are super high pressured with thin streams off water. The experience can be quite messy due to how high of pressure is dispersed out of the sinks!

While the knobs on this sink are flat as well, the amazing thing about these sinks is that they are the only sinks available to all students that produce warm water over a period of time to allow that extra germ killing power that medical scientists recommend. However, due to the mess these sinks can create, it makes the experience of washing hands quite the gamble.

[I rate this sink 4/5 Water Droplets]



Sink 4: The All Around

If there’s a sink that I never fail to use (unless it’s already occupied by another student) is the All Around. I would have to say that this sink is the best sink in the restrooms due to the gentle but powerful water pressure it has with the water dispersion that gives more water per session.

The water is cold, but the experience of washing your hands with this sink and the time saved compared to the other sinks makes up for it. This sink is usually the one on the ends of restrooms and has the rounded knob that uses less effort to press down.

[I rate this sink 5/5 Water Droplets]