Box of Hearts

As some of you all have noticed Valentines is right around the corner, and that means store are already stocked with years supplies of Cringey Cards, Hard heart shaped candy, and an army of toy stuffy’s. But When you think of Valentine’s what comes to mind. Is it that one “special person” finally confusing their emotions for you? Na. Your thinking of of buying yourself a box of assorted chocolates and chomping them down by yourself as you watch love movies. But then you open the box and realize what is this. Are Valentines candy even good anymore, and is Valentine’s still even the same anymore? Well, this what fellow students of T-M had to say.


“Do you even like the chocolate?”

“I don’t like Chocolate it’s strawberry. It just outweighs it. It’s strawberry or nothing man. Chocolate sucks”

“It’s not that I don’t like chocolate, it’s just that I can’t chocolate by itself. It has to have like caramel or something in it like a milky way or something.”


“What’s your favorite/worst Heart candy?”

“The worst one’s are the ones filled with that orange or red filling, it’s the one that spills out on your mouth. EH nasty! But I do like the caramel filled ones now those are my favorite.”

“I like the ones that have marshmallows in the inside just because it reminds me of the Vow, my favorite movie.”


“Do you even like Valentines?”

“No,it’s called Galentines now for the girls ya know.”

“Valentines is very great holiday, because you get to enforce your love upon men and women, and the you get to show it. You get to show how you love each other dearly, but I don’t think Valentine’s isn’t the only day we should show our love and affection. It should be everyday you know what I mean. Like in the 361 it shouldn’t just be Valentines day were we show are love, it should be every single day. 24/7.Because we don’t need some holiday to show are love. Even like on Halloween we need to show love.

“If you could get something for Valentines day what would you like?”

“Moneyyyyy, money is nice, and also chocolate covered strawberries, but the ones with even more chocolate drizzled on top of them. If I got chocolate covered strawberries my year would be made.”

“The little things mean the most, but I would like big ol teddy bear, I just want a big ol teddy bear that I can cuddle with, you know when your all alone at night. That’s all I need.”

“Chocolate covered cherries, you know the ones from Walgreens, and also a huge teddy would be just fine. And also my moms love and affection would be just nice as well.”.


  Valentines is a very rough holiday for some, but you just have to make the most out of it. So maybe this Valentine’s share a box of romantic assorted chocolates with your loved one.Image result for heart