Are You the Player, or the One Being Played?


Adrian Molina, Staff Reporter

One of Netflix’s most successful shows, “Black Mirror” is in its fourth season and now the collection of episodes exploring a twisted, high-tech world where humanity’s greatest innovations, and darkest instincts collide has a full-length movie.

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” takes place in 1985 where the audience get to choose the outcome of the life of Stefan, the movie’s main character. Here’s what makes this movie even better; it’s based off the book “Bandersnatch” where readers get to make decisions about the outcome. But what’s even crazier is that Stefan is creating a game in the movie where players get to make their own decisions in order to make the outcome of their game. Then, what makes this movie even more mad is that the audience is controlling Stefan’s life with the decisions they make. This is what makes this movie so remarkable.

Black Mirror never seems to fail to surprise me. In the movie they tie in many “Easter eggs” from past episodes in the actual movie such as “Metal Head.” In the show there is an episode where Armageddon has happened and technology has taken over humanity, and in this episode there are survivors getting chased by what looks to be a little robot, and one by one this robot kills them off until there are no more survivors. It’s fun to see that in the movie “Bandersnatch” there are posters hanging in stores with the picture of the robot and the title “Metal Head” for people to buy this game. So, maybe the whole time that episode was someone just playing the game “Metal Head” killing the humans who actually were real inside the game.

Black Mirror has its own unique ways to include little hints of past episodes and hiding things, but it’s little hidden surprises like that that make movies great.

As of right now “Bandersnatch” has a 74% Rotten Tomato rating and is still rising. “Black mirror is an undeniably new entry as a canon to the series and it’s never ending episodes. It’s a new way of the viewer to interact with technology and the movie itself. And who knows maybe there will be more movies like this in the future. Remember though that this originally started from “Black Mirror.” This movie is a hard to define, but impossible to forget, experience.