Bird Box: The Current Face of Netflix


Rated R

Gabriella Mastroianni, Co-Chief Editor

Netflix recently released the new hit thriller/horror film “Bird Box.” Starring Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a pregnant woman in the midst of suicidal apocalyptic madness. Creatures, which the audience never see, are causing people to commit suicide in horrific ways. Looking at these creatures causes the people to go mad, and there is no way of returning. In the beginning she takes shelter in a house with a group of strangers. Throughout the movie, scenes from the present and past alternate, until the timeline aligned together near the end.

As the movie progresses, Malorie develops an intimate relationship with one of the people in the group that she takes shelter with. Unlike the book, the connection between Malorie and one of the other main characters (no spoilers) turns into a romantic relationship, giving the movie a love story.

The movie itself stray from the book’s overall horrific theme and plot. While the movie does show some gory deaths, some were implied off scene, leaving the audience to imagine what happened. The book itself is more terrifying when it comes to deaths and specific scenes such as the suicide bird scene where Malorie and the characters named Boy and Girl are rafting through a river when suddenly a swarm of birds try to cause their demise around them. Another that took place in the book but didn’t make the cut into the movie was when Malorie stabbed one of her eyes to make herself blind, scaring off the invisible creatures. However while both of these scenes were shot in the process of making the movie, director Susanne Bier decided to cut out them out to replace the sense of a horror theme with a more suspenseful tone.

The movie overall was a suspenseful tear jerker full of gasps of air and “oh no’s.” It accentuates the overall theme of surviving no matter what it takes and sacrificing oneself for those we love to survive. What makes this horror/thriller movie stand out from other scary movies is that the creature or being that causes the terror and conflict is not what the creator of the film made up, but the deep inner fears and demons that we hold inside ourselves.