Crafty Christmas

Gabriella Mastroianni, Co-Chief Editor

Finding the right gifts for the people you love is hard enough, but having a tight budget can make it even more difficult. Especially if you’re a teen with no job, relies on an allowance, or does have a job but most of your checks are going towards something like a college fund or a summer trip. Here are some inexpensive DIY gifts that are easy to make and your friends and family will love.

  1. Candy Sleigh

For the people in your life with a sweet tooth this gift will be a hit. The candy sleigh consists of chocolate bars in a pyramid stack attached to two candy canes (which are the runners). You can buy the chocolate bars and candy canes at Dollar tree, H-E-B, or Walmart, glue or tape two bars to the two candy canes, and continue gluing the bars together in a pyramid formation. Just add some ribbon and a bow to tie it all up.

  1. Cocoa-On-the-Go

For this one all you need is some cocoa mix, chocolate chips, marshmallows, a mason jar, some ribbon, a red or black pom pom ball, googly eyes, and brown pipe cleaners. Fill half the mason jar with cocoa mix, then add chocolate chips and marshmallows. Close the jar, then add two brown pipe cleaners on the lid. You can use hot glue to attach the pipes to the lid. Glue two googly eyes on the upper part of the jar, then glue the pom pom to make the nose. Tie some ribbon bellow the pom pom nose to make a scarf. You’ve got yourself a cocoa-on-the-go reindeer jar.

  1.     Build-N-Ornament

Creating and personalizing an ornament makes an excellent gift for siblings or grandparents. It can also become a keepsake ornament that can be put on the family tree every year. All that’s need are clear ornaments with removable caps (which can be found at Hobby Lobby), string, any colored glitter (or white glitter to make snow), confetti, pom pom balls, pictures (optional), pretty sharpie colors such as gold, silver, black, purple, blue, etc., and anything else you can find that can be put inside. You can put any of these items inside the ornament, create it the way you want it. You can add a photo inside or attach it outside. You can also use the sharpie to draw Christmas characters or personalize it with a name.

These crafty gifts are easy, inexpensive, and fun to give. They can be gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors, or even crafts that the whole family can do. You can also put any extra material that wasn’t included in the descriptions above.