“Thank u, Next”

Ariana Grande's new #1 hit

Monica Garza, Staff Reporter

“Thank u, Next,” the latest music video by pop singer and actress Ariana Grande, set YouTube’s record for most views within 24 hours of a video’s release. The album “Thank u, Next,” was released on November 3, 2018, including a total of 12 songs.


The 5 minute and 31 second music video features four different references to different movies, including “Mean Girls,” “Legally Blonde,” “Bring it On” and “13 Going on 30.” “Thank u, Next” is Grande’s first song to be the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


What is your opinion on Ariana Grande’s new “Thank u, Next” music video?


“I like it because she wasn’t hating on her exes and she showed that she still loved them in a way and she learned from her past experience. I also loved how she incorporated movies to show her love for her ex’s and she also incorporated a lot of her friends from her lifetime. In that way, she showed she can have fun and have a good time with friends instead of being heartbroken over an ex.” Roger Revilla ‘22


“I thought it was very different. It was interesting because she included “Mean Girls” and she included a whole list of bold movies. My favorite part of the music video is when she opens the burn book and it shows her ex’s. I thought that was pretty cool, it was like throwing in some shade and throwing in some love at the same time.” Breana Tijerina ‘20


“So um, I didn’t think the plot of the music video went with the lyrics of the song. Like she’s a cheerleader and she’s in a talent show I’m guessing and she’s singing about like her next man. It might be because I haven’t seen any of the movies she was referencing but still.” Chence Hull ‘20


“A loving and powerful statement that girls in todays society don’t need a man to find their identity. Something new and different that’s shows just how iconic she is! Such a beautiful piece of work.” Emiliano Flores ‘20


“I think it shows how much she cares about her image as an artist because of the production value and thought that went into the music video. It also shows how successful and widely known she is because she got people from the original films to take part in her video.” Jacy Turner ‘20


“I kind of just feel like the movies she was referring to had nothing to do with her song basically. The only part of the video that actually made sense was the “13 Going on 30” part. In the movie Jenna, the main character, had just lost someone she wanted to be with which goes with the lyrics. In my opinion, I feel Ariana Grande just wanted attention since she made a big deal about it on Twitter when it really made no sense.” Kaylee Ceballos ‘20


“It’s weird because “13 Going on 30,” “Legally Blonde,” “Mean Girls” and “Bring it On” are 4 classic movies that are my favorite, especially “13 Going on 30.” Usually music videos focus on one movie but all those movies are closely related and were included. The music video is really a girl empowerment video because each movie highlights a girl role and the amount of toughness that is showed. I loved it and am all for it.” Emily Cortez ‘19


“If the song plays it plays. I won’t download it, it’s alright but I was seeing stuff on Twitter of people trying to say that Ariana Grande is better than Kanye and that is not true. She will never receive as many Grammys as Kanye. Like what does she have? Okay one good song.” Dionisia Romero ‘20


“I honestly love it. I love the way she connects other movies. She combines famous YouTubers and I love that for us! Ari portrayed such a positive message to the world and was strong and confident in putting a song out like this. I loved everything about these lyrics and loved the music video. I’m so grateful for her.” Annabelle Plata ‘20


“I feel like the music video didn’t match the meaning of the song. Yes, the video was great and it was a compilation of the movies I grew up watching, but I don’t see the correlation of “Bring it On” and Ariana’s boyfriends.” Eliana Martinez ‘20


“Well let’s see, for a make believe video it was okay. A typical dream life teenage girl not in reality. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I didn’t love it. I think it was okay for entertainment. She is a beautiful girl though.” Ofelia Reyes


“I liked it a lot. Great video. 10 out of 10. She came back from the break-up with Pete with a banger. It was a good song too, it was catchy. It was a great follow-up to “Sweetener,” and that’s a fact.” Gunner Sander ‘20