Speech & Debate Continues Their Winning Streak


The TM Speech & Debate team continued their 1st place sweepstakes streak at the Mary Carroll Tournament this past weekend. The team has now qualified 12 events to the state tournament and continues to be a leader in the state among all schools.


Lincoln Douglas Debate- Quarterfinalist

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking- 5th place


Vada Janak, 11- Congressional Debate

Zachary Nepote, 11- Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Lily Quesnel, 9- Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lorena San Pedro, 10- Poetry

Event Finalist

·         Jenna Barrera- 5th Congressional Debate

·         Quade Book- 2nd Duo, 7th Duet Improv, 8th Humorous

·         Alesandra Caceres- 2nd Novice Prose, 8th Duo

·         Chence Hull- 2nd Duo. 2nd Humorous, 7th Duet Improv

·         Vada Janak- 3rd Lincoln Douglas Debate, 3rd Informative Speaking, 4th Foreign Extemp

·         Shreya Komire- 7th Novice Extemp

·         Ivin Lam- 2nd Lincoln Douglas Debate, 7th Foreign Extemp

·         Jacquelyn Lerma- 8th Duo

·         Nathaniel Lombardo- 8th Novice Extemp

·         Marysa Lozano- 3rd Novice Poetry, 6th Duo

·         Teah Mbang- 4th Domestic Extemp, 4th Lincoln Douglas, 7th Congressional Debate

·         Lewis Molina- 3rd Novice Extemp

·         Zachary Nepote- 2nd Original Oratory, 3rd Lincoln Douglas Debate

·         Cesar Palacios- 2nd Duet Acting, 7th Humorous, 7th Prose

·         Olivia Ramos- 5th Informative

·         Jakeline Rios- 5th Dramatic , 6th Duo

·         Joann Robledo- 7th Domestic Extemp

·         Lorena San Pedro- 2nd Duet Acting, 3rd Program of Oral Interp, 3rd Prose, 4th Duo

·         Kelsey Pierce- 3rd Humorous, 3rd Poetry, 4th Duo Acting

·         Mallory Wilcox- 2nd Foreign Extemp, 2nd Congressional Debate, 2nd Informative Speaking, 5th Original Oratory

·         Jennifer Xac- 7th Informative